Goodbye Emerald, Hello Radiant Orchid

Well, another year is almost over and you all know what that means…Pantone comes out with their new “Color of the Year.”

2013 was the year of emerald. Symbolizing new life and prosperity, this green hue is luscious, striking, and sophisticated. As seen below, emerald was seen in everything from a pair of pumps and silk skirts to long coats (as Princess Kate so elegantly wears) to chiffon shirts.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageThe Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 is radiant orchid. Symbolizing joy, love, and health, orchid perfectly captures the colors that we’ll be popping into our wardrobes come springtime.


As we say goodbye to emerald and hello to orchid, I can’t wait to see how orchid will work its way into my wardrobe. I am not normally drawn towards purple, but I’m positive I will begin to like it more and more when I see it on everyone and in my favorite stores.

Hope everyone had the merriest of merry Christmas! On to New Years! Xx.


[All photos courtesy of Tory Burch and Pinterest]


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