Tree Trimmings

My family’s Christmas tree has got sass. Not only are all of our ornaments beautiful and unique, but most of them have a story behind it. We have more ornaments on our tree than the average tree because my mom and I are obsessed with them. Davis and I normally get two to three new ornaments each year and when we travel, that’s always a gift we look for.
ImageSpeaking of traveling, I got this ornament my junior year of high school when I went to London for the first time. This little guy is from Windsor Castle.

ImageNow I could lie and say that I got this in London, but in reality I got it from a christmas market that I go to every year in Austin. But, it screams London and who doesn’t love Big Ben? Oh gosh, my anglophile-ness is showing.

ImageThis little angel was a Christmas gift from the Dallas Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club. On the back, my name is painted on there with a little note of congratulations from the Dallas Pi Phi Alumni. And as you can see, my angel even has red hair and bangs!

ImageThis miniature Mickey Mouse hat was bought when my whole family went to Disney World a couple years ago! We have various Disney ornaments around the tree reminding us of our awesome trip, but this simple hat is absolutely one of my favorites.

ImageThis is the ornament my mom got me this year! She also got me a pair of pink and cheetah glass sunglasses and a pair of blue and hot pink high heels to match the purse. They’re all next to each other on the tree. My mom shares with me my love of fashion.

IMG_8373I don’t think this one needs much explanation…if you look at our whole tree, you’ll see lots of burnt orange. Hook ’em Horns!

Our tree is stunning. While these are just a couple of my favorites, if I put all of my favorite ornaments up here, y’all would be reading for days. And speaking of trees…I was a tree last night at Julia’s Annual Christmas Party. Here’s proof:


Hanging out with my best friend Megan always makes for a good time!


And here is Mrs. Julia herself! So happy you’re back from New York for the holidays!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Xx.


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