Oxford Dictionaries officially named their word of the year a couple weeks ago…what is it?


This makes me incredibly happy. I think it’s so funny.

According to Oxford Dictionary, the definition is:

(n.) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

I think this definition is perfect, what better a word than ‘selfie’?

Selfies are so much better than just a bland and boring text. Send someone a selfie and you’ll put a smile on your friend’s face, guaranteed.

Don’t completely understand? Here are a couple of selfies I’ve sent my friends in the last week…

ImageThe “I’m working out, I’m so fit” Selfie

ImageThe “Hey look, One Direction is on GMA” Selfie


The “Off to formal Pi Phi chapter meeting” Selfie

ImageThe “One more class until the end of Fall semester classes” Selfie

ImageThe “Happy” Selfie

ImageThe “I’m going to the UT Baylor football game and it’s 25 degrees outside #yolo” Selfie

ImageThe “The Horns lost to Baylor, yuck” Selfie

ImageThe “Nighty night darlings, xoxo” Seflie

ImageThe “Hey, look at my cute outfit” Selfie

ImageThe “Finals are coming, I’m stuDYING” Selfie

Hope you got a laugh out of these, I sure did. Selfies oh selfies. xx.


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