O [Burnt Orange] Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

IMG_8007IMG_8010 IMG_8011

Apt. 410 is decorated for Christmas! We have a burnt orange Christmas tree! How amazing is that? Honestly though, have you ever seen something so wonderful?

Big thanks to Daddy and Davis for buying the tree for me in the first place! Kendall, Sarah, and I enjoy it immensely. We love coming back to our apartment these days with all of our christmas decorations everywhere after a long day of studying for finals! It’s so #christmasfab.

When decorating the tree, we stuck to simple decorations considering the tree is the main showstopper. I chose a burlap ribbon with a hint of gold in it to wrap around the tree. I then got burnt orange, pearly-white, and clear ornaments to hang on it. On the clear ornaments, we got a gold paint pen and wrote “Hook ’em Horns” and “Texas Fight” and other Texas-y phrases on them! I also had some burnt orange grosgrain ribbon with white longhorns on it to tie in small bows all over the tree! And at the top, instead of a star, we have a gold crown with burnt orange sequins and glitter–when I saw it at the store, I knew it was meant for me. In the end, it turned out lovely!

Returning home for Christmas Break and having my house completely decorated for Christmas is one of my all time favorites “Welcome Home!” gifts. But now I don’t have to wait anymore…our own little place is decorated with it’s own Christmas cheer!

Happy Decembrrrrr everyone (it’s actually getting cold here in Texas…finally!) and Merry Christmas!



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