monograms & glitter

Last weekend, my friend, Tate, and I had a little crafting day.

We decided to Mod Podge and create some collages with some fashion and gossip magazines that had been sitting on our apartment’s coffee table for ages after being read.

I love crafting and I love the way my canvas turned out…but my absolute favorite part has got to be my glitter initials. It makes it pop!

Here’s are some progressive pics that ultimately end with the finished product!


It all started with gold paint pen. But let’s be honest, the looks horrible. It needed something more.

***Cue my thoughts of gold glitter***

IMG_7771 IMG_7772

So I covered the letters in glue and went to town with glitter. Had to make sure every nook and cranny was covered. And yes Mom, I did it all on my balcony so it wouldn’t get all over my apartment and make such a complete mess…because our balcony will now be forever covered in gold glitter 🙂


After painfully waiting 24 hours to make sure the glue had completely dried, I scraped off all the excess glitter and ta-da!

I love it! I think it turned out wonderfully! xx.


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