Texas Soccer 2013

Now that soccer season is officially over, I find myself trying to fill my free time with anything and everything. I can only exercise, bake, and watch Netflix for so long. So, looking back on our season, one of my teammates lucked upon this video that encompasses perfectly such a fun season with my teammates family. I thought it’d be fun to share a little gallery of pics because (1) I want to reminisce on season for a bit and (2) some are quite funny and laughing is always nice.

IMG_6389It all started at the beginning of August when we reported for preseason. We have dinner as a team and prepare for an early morning because practices, fitness tests, and team functions were right around the corner for all of us. 5:45 a.m. alarms come quicker than you think, might I add.


We call these our yellow highlighter/tennis ball practice uniforms because goodness gracious are they bright.



Picture day for the Horns! Say hello to the Sexy (and buff and intimidating?) Sophomores.


During preseason we got to go some fun places…Colorado, for example.


And Oregon! We got to visit the Nike International Headquarters. Pretty cool considering half of our wardrobe is Nike gear.


And then finally it was our season opener at UT versus Georgia!



Then our pink out game came around–Horns for Hope!



And then we has Senior Day at our last home game of the season! It was so much fun celebrating our two wonderful and loving seniors, Gabby and Brenda. We miss them already!


Here are the goody baskets we all put together for Gabs and B-Sauce.


Mommy made the trip down to ATX for the game!


Amongst the craziness of soccer season, you can’t forget about studying! I was the baking fairy and brought freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookies to all my teammates studying at the PCL all night long.


Around Halloween, Texas Soccer always volunteers at Longhorn Halloween to provide kids in the community a fun Halloween on a Sunday afternoon!


On the 31st of October, we were in Lubbock for a game against Tech the next day. We decided to have an impromptu Halloween party with costumes and all. Thinking quickly on the spot, I decided to be Jesus using the hotel’s white sheets and my Bible. Ha! It worked out well!


As the sun sets for this season (haha, get it…with the picture..), it was incredible and I can’t believe next year I’ll be a junior on the team. It feels like freshman year was yesterday.

Where does the time go? Xx.


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