Movie Night

Since RedBox’s have popped up everywhere, I find myself steering away from movies and their overpriced tickets and instead having movie nights at my apartment where my friends and I just cozy up on the couch and eat way too much popcorn.

When I think about movies, three movies come to my mind as my favorites. I mean, it would be way too hard to pick just one.

1. The Devil Wears Prada


This movie is the best. I practically have every line memorized and the fashion makes me drool of jealousy. It makes me want to move to New York and travel to Paris for Fashion Week right now.

2. Pride and Prejudice


Okay, so exactly where do I sign up to find myself a Mr. Darcy?

3.  The Great Gatsby


Ever since I first read The Great Gatsby in 7th grade for a school project, it has forever since been one of my favorites. You must read the book though, to understand all the subtle nuances and details. And I’ve got to mention it…I could live in the 1920’s purely because of their style. Hello flapper dresses.

Movies are just wonderful. But for now, as Miranda Priestly would say, “That’s all.” Xx.



2 thoughts on “Movie Night

    • Oh my goodness, you and me both! I saw it with my dad the first time. Then I traveled overseas and saw it in Paris when I was there (in English with French subtitles of course ha!) with my friends who hadn’t seen it and now my roommate bought it and I’ve watched it countless times. Love it!

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