Happy [belated] 20th Birthday to ME!

October 29, 1993. The day the world stopped. The day the fiery and feisty red head came into being. The day I was born.

Totally kidding! But yesterday was my birthday and I am officially 20 years old! No more teenage years for me, hello 20’s! Woah.

What crazy plans did I have to celebrate my birthday with? Nothing much, really. I had class in the morning, soccer practice in the afternoon, and plenty of homework to fill my night. So, knowing that I was going to be über busy on my actual birthday, I decided to have more a birthday week…

It all started last weekend when my mom came to Austin to visit me! Having her in the Big ATX made me so overjoyed enough but she came bearing gifts. She surprised me with some fun birthday presents!

My sweet Mommy surprised me with:

Basically everything in this outfit…

IMG_7366 - Version 2

Top: J.Crew Ruffled Rhinestone Top

Shoes: DV Booties from Nordstrom

Purse: Tory Burch, similar

Blue Tory Purse

I’m obsessed with my new purse. It’s so AHHH-MAZING.

But the fun didn’t stop there. I was surprised with new hunter rain boots!! Yes, that’s right…what I blogged about a week or so ago {here}. I got a pair of tall gloss black rainboots! I’m in love. Rain was on the forecast for today so you better believe I was walking around campus in my new wellies.

But my sweet family weren’t the only ones to think of me. My roommates, Sarah and Kendall, surprised me as well. They took me to Chuy’s (our fav Mexican food place) on Monday and they surprised me with gifts when I woke up ! I felt so loved!

Sarah got me an arrow necklace! Pi Phi’s main symbol is an arrow and the necklace is absolutely perfect! Delicate and gold, I carry a little bit of Pi Phi with me everywhere.

Arrow Necklace

Kendall surprised me with a C. Wonder bangle. It’s basically screams “Brinkley” in bangle form. It’s hot pink and has my initial on it…what more could I want? It’s perfect.

C Wonder

In addition to the gifts, I received lots of sweet cards from my friends and family and countless birthday texts and hugs, I felt so loved on my birthday. I have such wonderful friends and I’m thankful for each and every one of them (you know who you are!).

So much love and happiest of birthdays,



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