Megan Comes to ATX!

This past Monday, my best friend from Notre Dame came to visit me in Austin!!! I haven’t seen her since the beginning of summer so you could imagine how big my smile was when she told me she was coming!

Megan was on fall break this past week and decided to come visit me in Austin! Also, her friend, Gabby, from Notre Dame traveled with her to Dallas and came along as well! It was such a lovely day full of so much laughter and catching up.

We started off on South Congress and went to Hopdoddy’s for lunch.


For those of you who’ve never been to Hopdoddy’s, it’s quite delicious and worth the wait. There’s always a line. We went on Monday afternoon and the place was packed. Hopdoddy Burger Bar is known for their delicious and unique burgers but more so for their outrageous shakes. My favorite is the Nutella Chocolate Pretzel Shake. Yes, you read that correctly.

Next, we headed to Jo’s Coffee (also on South Congress) to take the oh-so-typical Austin picture in front of the “I love you so much” wall. Now, Megan and I didn’t just take a picture…we had more of a photoshoot, per say…



If you can’t tell, we have fun together.

Next up, we went to Castle Hill. It’s a public area in Austin that is a place where artists are free to graffiti all over the place and lots of people visit to check out the constantly changing art! It’s a super cool place. And if you climb to the top, you can see the Austin skyline. I, of course, made Gabby and Megan climb to the top (in our nice clothes) to get the full experience. We’re all about adventure.


Cool, right?

In the afternoon, I took them back to my apartment so they could drop off their stuff. Then, while I worked on homework for a couple of hours, they went to the Capitol. Then they proceeded to drive around campus taking in all the sights and sounds. And noting on how amazing everything is, hook ’em.

Later that night, we went to Mount Bonnell to watch the sunset over Lake Austin. It was perfect because the cloud coverage made for a beautiful sunset!


 After that, we decided to go back to campus and say hi to some high school friends…Megan is famous around campus, don’t ya know. Once I tweeted that THE Megan Garcia was in town, my phone started buzzing with people asking to see her! What can we say, we love you, Megan!!

Finally, after a long day, Megan, Gabby, and I all headed back to my apartment. We had such a fun day and I didn’t want Megan to leave in the morning!! But, before she left Tuesday morning, we went to Kerbey Lane to eat some pancakes and send them back to Dallas on full stomachs.

It was so fun having you in town, Megan! Love you! xoxo



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