Off to the Theatre

I love musicals; I think they’re so happy and fun. I love singing along to the songs. I love the sets and I, of course, LOVE the costumes—the bigger, the better, the more outrageous the more magical.

Book of Mormon

This weekend my sweet friend and roommate of mine, Kendall, and I went to see The Book of Mormon. Not exactly knowing what this musical was about when buying the tickets, all of our expectations were blown away. We knew it would be amazing because it came from Broadway all the way to ATX but OMG, of all the musicals I’ve seen in my lifetime, this is by far my favorite one to date. Funny, witty, sarcastic, and happy, this musical is wonderful. I can’t exactly explain what its about but you can go look up the theatre trailer!

Here are a couple more I’ve seen. I would recommend them all!

Mary Poppins

My family and I saw Mary Poppins The Musical at the Texas State Fair! After getting our Fletcher’s corny dogs and other fried food delicacies (ha!), we laughed and smiled oh so much at the magical world of Mary Poppins.

Charlie Musical

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory The Musical! Seeing this  was really a treat. Emily and I saw it in London this summer. It was in its premier week in London at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane and hasn’t even come to the states yet! But when it does come, you absolutely must go. Everything one loves about the movie is put into a colorful and outrageous song and dance!

The Lion King

When I think of the ultimate musical, I think The Lion King. My other roommate and lovely friend of mine, Sarah, and I saw this last year in Austin! It was a very spur of the moment decision…we decided the night of that we wanted to go and thankfully there were tickets left! What a spectacular musical…the props, the animals, the music, and the costumes. It was SPECTACULAR.


I think I’ll try deffffffying gravity. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Wow. Where have you been? Go check out one of the most inspiring and incredible songs here. I’ve been to London twice and on  first time there during junior year of high school, I had the opportunity to go see Wicked! It was an amazing experience. Basically, every time I go to London I want to see a musical. I’d like to make that a thing. And while I’ve already seen this musical in London, it’s coming to Austin in February and I’ll definitely want to see it again! I’m thinking I’lll make it a rommie date… 🙂

La la la, love me some musicals. Xx.



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