Rain, Rain, Never Go Away

“OMG look! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow…you know what that means?! I get to wear my rain boots tomorrow!” **squeals of joy ensue**

This is the cry of hundreds of girls around University of Texas because today, ladies and gentleman, it rained. It rained. I repeat, it rained today and it rained hard. It never ever rains in Austin so when it does, hallelujah praise the Lord. Break out those monogrammed, Patagonia or NorthFace rain jackets, and of course, the rain boots.

I’m not exactly sure when Hunter rain boots became such a “thing” but I am completely okay with the idea. I mean, hello, it’s an excuse to get a new pair of shoes. What girl is not okay with that?

And come one, what’s not to love about rain boots? You can prance around campus keeping your feet completely dry and warm and look stylish while doing it? Win-win in my book.

The hardest decision for you is determining whether you want glossy or no gloss; patterned or solid color; monogrammed or plain. Oh the decisions.

But let’s not be discriminatory, people. While Hunter might be the king of the rain boots, there are plenty of other rain boots out there that are worth mentioning. But Hunter, you keep doing what you’re doing because we love you for it.

Hunter BlackOriginal Tall Black in Gloss. Drooling. These are my fav. One day, I will own you. Until then, I will continue to wear my roommate pair. Shhh, don’t tell her. 🙂 (Hehe just kidding she told me I could!)

Hunter ColorsComing in a million and one colors, Hunter Rain Boots are classic and fun. And who doesn’t want a reason to wear bright pink shoes? Or the burnt orange? Hook ’em!

Joules Wellies with BowI feel across these Joule’s Wellies on Pinterest. After researching the brand, they originated in the UK as a clothing store but they are best known for their wellies, as those in the UK call them. I mean, who wouldn’t love those? Red with a hug red bow. Love.

Burberry Rain Now these little things. The Burberry Rain Boot. You’ve all seen them You’ve all wanted them but then you think, well I live in Texas and it basically never rain…do I want to spend $225 on some rain boots? Well in my mind, the answer is always yes. When it comes to swiping my credit card, no…that could be a new pair of riding boots that I wear practically all fall and winter. But I still love them. So classy and so burberry.

Rain boots are so a “thing” and according to the weather report this week, the rain is continuing…rain boots, unite! Xx.

Weather-fashion woman, over and out [for now].



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