So Many Shows, So Little TIme.

Another reason why fall is the absolute best time of the year is because all of my favorite TV shows premiere again.

Is it sad that my study and social schedules are planned around my TV show during the week? Nope, not at all. Because half of you reading this are probably thinking the same thing. And when you get a group of friends together to watch the shows and laugh and cry together about all the crazy characters and feel as though you’re one with the show, what’s better?

Monday Night: CASTLE on ABC at 9 o’clock

ImageThe only crime drama that I’ll watch because it’s not too scary but still very suspenseful. It’s quite funny and witty, and by gosh, Castle finally proposed to Kate and she said yes!

Thursday Night: GREY’S ANATOMY and SCANDAL on ABC at 8 and 9 o’clock, respectively

Two shows. One night, oh my my.

ImageAfter watching all nine seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, finally Season 10 has arrived and last weekend’s 2 hours season premiere was dramatic and emotional to say the least. My mom texted me in the middle of it saying she was crying because of all that was going on. Well mommy, you and me both. Chief Weber almost dying, Callie sleeping at Grey’s because she’s pissed beyond belief at Arizona, Owen and Christina split, Derek Shepard just being, well, Derek Shepard. So much drama, I love it.


Right after Grey’s ends comes Scandal. The season premiere was last night and if your eyes weren’t glued to the TV, you need to go to Netflix right now and catch up on the seasons and then prance right on over to and watch last nights season premiere. This is one of my momma’s favorite shows and she got me hooked. Just as the name says, this show is scandalous. An American political drama with Olivia Pope and her unique team solving all different types of crisis’s, not to mention her affair with the President of the United States that just got leaked to the public….I need if to be Thursday night. They rock.

Sunday Night: REVENGE on ABC at 8 o’clock



And what’s even better, is they’re dating in real life…

Almost my entire team watches this show and we’re all obsessed. Literally obsessed. I first got into this when my best friend, Emily, told me about it and we would get together in our dorm rooms and watch it. So, thanks Emily for starting the obsession…ha! I might be a little too invested in this shows relationships but the again, Daniel Grayson and Emily Thorne make the perfect couple. Emily might be a little twisted but her calm, cool, and collected nature, not to mention her amazing fashion sense, make me look forward to Sunday nights! Everything about this show is amazing and it has got to be my absolute favorite.

What are you favorite shows? I’m always open to new ones! Xx.


P.S. I think Sweet Brown put’s it best…

shows sweet brown


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