nothing BETA than being a Texas PI PHI

Texas Pi Beta Phi.


Texas Pi Phi Pledge Class 2013. Love.



 Pure Joy.

While rush might’ve officially ended a week ago, I’m just now getting the chance blog about it…going from bid day to the first day of school then to Oregon has made for a crazy stretch of days! But nonetheless…

After what seemed like the longest week ever of running from house to house in the Texas heat in dresses and heels, bid day was finally upon me and the 1,200 other girls participating in Panhellenic recruitment at Texas. (Yes, you read that correctly…1,213 to be exact.)


My Texas Soccer teammate, Keagan, pledged Pi Phi as well! 

I’m an angel! I’m a Texas Pi Phi. I’m so excited. I don’t think I could be happier. Pi Phi is seriously the perfect place for me and while I barely even know everyone, I’m in love with them all. Every time I think about it, I smile. Like I said, nothing Beta than being a Pi Phi.



After opening my bid day card and screaming my head off and smiling so much my mouth hurt, we made our way outside where our new sisters and pledge class we’re waiting! We then walked to the beautiful Pi Beta Phi house in West Campus where every Pi Phi and their mom was waiting to welcome and take pictures with us! It was spectacular. And then the rest of the bid night festivities began…I’ll leave that up to y’alls imagination…can’t let you in on all the fun and secrets 🙂



This is the first of many Pi Phi posts. Everyone, get excited to Party with Pi Phi. Xx.

Halos and Hugs,



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