Oregon, Oh Oregon














On this long Labor Day weekend, all of Texas Soccer geared up for a trip to Oregon for games against Oregon State and Oregon.

On Thursday, we woke up at the crack of dawn and boarded a plane to Portland. Once there, we had the privilege of training at the Nike International Headquarters. After training, we were given a tour of the grounds and buildings. The Nike Campus was stunning. And talk about cool…I mean, everything you could ever want to know about Nike all under one roof, cool bro.

And the weather was perfection…70 degrees and sunny. A little different than the 100 degree heat that we left in Austin!! Everyone Oregon person is walking around in shorts and t-shirts, and all of us Austinites are over here saying “It’s chilly out here! Give me a jacket!” Ha!

Yesterday afternoon, we traveled to Eugene in preparation for our game against Oregon on Sunday afternoon. Once again, the views didn’t disappoint. We’re staying in a hotel near a river that flows majestically through the city. This afternoon, some of my teammates and I took a walk to enjoy the weather and nature. All of us just wanted to jump in the water and float the river. Too bad the water was freezing….trust me, we checked.

We could get pretty used to this weather! It’ll be tough returning to Austin on Monday! But I truly to miss Texas, everyone is walking around in there Oregon gear and I’m just over here like “I bleed burnt orange, get over it. Hook ’em!” These ducks up here just don’t understand the prowess of the longhorn. Well, maybe they’ll learn someday. But until then…

Hook ’em horns all the way from Oregon! Xx.



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