Welcome to 410

Sometimes I get so excited about one particular thing that I forgot to portray the whole picture…like my apartment, as a matter of fact. I blogged about the awesome dinner my friends and I cooked but didn’t even mention my fabulous apartment.

I love my apartment. I think it’s darling and so cozy. I love returning to it after a long day and relaxing and cooking dinner on my own sweet time; a luxury I didn’t have in the dorms.

But hello apartment and hello kitchen and hello to our own washer and dryer situated nicely in the laundry nook. I’ve been living here for two weeks now and it’s 10x better than the dorms. So to all the little freshman out there, good things lie ahead in the house world once this year is over.

My apartment is 2 bedroom/2 bath and I share it with two other girls. I share a room with my friend Sarah and Kendall has the other room to herself. We shopped all summer for furniture and accessories and everything turned out lovely. But enough talk, you should see for yourself. Here are some pics…enjoy!


This is my side of the room!


Our Room!


Sarah’s Side


This table used to be black with ugly cushions. My mom and I painted it white and got new fabric and now it looks great!


Kendall’s parents collect really cool, old movie posters and they hung some fun ones in our living room and entry way!



Kitchen and Laundry Room Area

While these pictures from my iPhone don’t fully do my apartment justice, I hope you think it’s cute! It’s home sweet home! Xx.



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