Café 410

On Sunday night, a momentous occasion occurred. My friends and I cooked our first full out dinner in our new apartment (room 410…now you understand why it’s Café 410 huh?). I’m talking a five star cuisine, though. Yummy times five.Image

We prepared sautéed salmon marinated in soy sauce and red pepper flakes, roasted broccoli with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and multigrain quinoa and lentils. It was delicious! Absolutely delicious.

And it was so much fun considering I got to cook it with my awesome friends, Emily and Kendall. I also prepared some chocolate chip cookies for dessert and there ya go, we had a wonderful Sunday dinner that satisfied us immensely. I love to cook and seeing as though I now live in an apartment versus the dorms like I had to last year, the possibilities are endless! What to cook next? Hmmmm. Xx.



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