from trash to treasure

So I have this brown wooden desk…and while it’s not bad looking, it’s not necessarily the best looking thing either. So, my mom and I decided to give it a little makeover.

We went out to our local craft store and bought some paint. But not just any paint…Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Having gotten rave reviews for it from lots of our friends, this paint lives up to its name. This chalk paint is known for sticking to anything and everything and only needing one coat to provide full coverage without a primer. I chose the color “Louis Blue“. Then, for the wax, I chose the clear soft wax which makes for a clear finish. In addition to the paint and wax, I needed a couple of paint brushes, a sanding pad, and a wax buffing pad.


So, here’s a picture of the desk in it’s original state…brown, wooden, and sad-looking.



I got to painting and here’s it is after one coat of paint…it’s starting to look a little better but I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve.


Well, I decided that I wanted to give my little desk an “antique” look so I took my sanding pad and went to it. I waxed away some of the paint to expose the original wood to make it look aged. My mom and I also went to Anthropologie and picked up two quirky drawer knobs that you can see here. They’re orange with a hint of blue are go perfectly with the desk.

Here’s the finished project!

ImageI love it! I think it turned out great! It sure went from drab to fab!! I want to go paint something else! Xx.



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