Kings and Cupcakes

So many things going on in the world in the past two days: (1) The latest edition to the royal family: Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, future King of England and (2) Sprinkles Cupcakes is doing big things in Dallas.

ImagePrince George’s First Royal Wave…already a pro

What, what? Hey royal baby heyyyy. Welcome to the world George, everyone is in love with you and your parents. I mean, George, we might have a 20 year age difference, but I just know we can be best friends. Hit me up when you come to Dallas…



Princess Kate and Princess Diana rockin’ the Polka Dots

Named George Alexander Louis, he will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. Talk about regal, his name is lovely. Presented with his Mommy and Daddy, he was the image of perfection. And Princess Kate looked stunning as well. Her polka dotted blue dress (as an homage to Princess Diana) looked beautiful and radiant with her hair flowing in the wind and a smile no one could take from her. Prince William beamed with happiness as well. Such proud parents, but who could blame them. Such a happy day for everyone. Congrats, Wills and K-Middy!

Okay, on to the next important thing: Sprinkles Cupcakes is going crazy in Dallas. Not only did they just open up a Sprinkles ATM, a Sprinkles Ice Cream is scheduled to open on August 16, and Sprinkles is releasing a bacon flavored cupcake on September 6!

ImageOkay, Sprinkles ATM is up first. My mom and brother went to try it out the other day and love it. It’s just fun and allows you to get a delicious cupcake at all hours of the day…even when the main bakery isn’t open! Now how cool is that? Pretty cool.

ImageAnd even bigger news, a Sprinkles Ice Cream will be opening up on August 16! Ever since I tried Sprinkles Ice Cream in Beverly Hills this past spring break, I’ve been hoping that one would come to Dallas and my dreams have come true! Woohoo I’m so excited. Sprinkles Ice Cream is so tasty. And you can get a sprinkles sundae which is the bottom of the cupcake, a scoop of ice cream, and then the frosted top. OMG. It’s the best thing ever.

ImageFinally, Sprinkles is releasing a new flavor this September: The Bacon Cupcake. Described as “Thick, smoky, rich, buttery, and maple”, this cupcake is sure to be a pleaser, especially to lots of the guys out there. I just know my dad and brother will love this cupcake. I’m truly interested to try this savory cupcake…it will sure be an interesting experience. But hey, looking forward to it!

I’ll be sure to take Prince George to Sprinkles when he comes to see me in Dallas. Ha! They even have some special cupcakes in honor of his birth! Check it out:


So, keep calm and carry on. The baby is here and Sprinkles is still yummy. Xx.



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