July Favorites

Another month has almost gone by and it has gone by way too fast at that. Seriously, summer needs to slow down.

But a month doesn’t go by without me finding some new things I just love. Particular to this month: Converse, Crystalline Hair Ties, and Grey’s Anatomy.

First off, low top white converse. You can wear these shoes with anything. Put it with a fun day dress or a t-shirt and jeans, they go will always give the look a bit of edge and are always so comfortable. While I went for the typical white, they come in so many colors and patterns that it makes my head spin. The question is, which ones am I going to get next? Image

Next up are these Crystalline Hair Ties from Anthropologie. My best friend, Julie (Hi Jules!), has worn these hair ties for the longest time now and they’re great. They dress up just an average pony tail. At Anthro, they sale them in packs of three for $24 in a variety of different patterns. They are made if the material that doesn’t leave creases in your hair and look just as cute on your wrist as a bracelet when not in use. So to me, it’s a win win situation.


My final favorite thing of July has got to be Grey’s Anatomy. I started watching the first season during Christmas break last year on Netflix and have been overwhelmingly hooked ever since. I don’y know why I didn’t start watching this show earlier. I’m all about good TV and Grey’s Anatomy is the perfect mix of reality, drama, emotional, and fun. I am almost finished with Season 8 and can’t wait to start season 9. If you’re looking for your next show to watch because you just finished Gossip Girl or Friday Night Lights on Netflix, Grey’s Anatomy is it. You’ll get sucked in, I promise.

Grey's 2

Well, those are a few of my favorite things. More to come next month! Off to watch an episode of Grey’s! Xx.



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