10 Things to Love About Texas, the grand finale

I’m back and y’all are officially ready to find out 5 more reasons why I love Texas. Let’s jump right into it…



queso 2

Chuy’s Mouthwatering Queso and Salsa

You know what I like? Cheese. You know how I like it? Melted. Well, fine I like cheese anyway but when you melt it down and mix it with spices, onions, meat, and rotel…you, my friend, have got a winner. Queso is possibly one of my favorite foods. I judge a Mexican restaurant based on their queso. My favorite queso is from Chuy’s. During their happy hour where they give our free chips, salsa, and queso, I can’t seem to get enough of it. Tex-Mex restaurants have got it down and queso is a food group down here.



Be it the Friday night lights during high school season, college football games on Saturday, or NFL games on Sunday and Monday, us Texans love love love football. And I for one look forward to football season every year. Texas Football games are so much fun. Austin is packed, everyone is wearing burnt orange, all your friends are together, tailgating is a way of life, and everyone fills DKR (Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium) to the brim. Football season is the best time of year…it gets no better.

8. Y’ALL


Y’all. Y’all. Y’all. Being a Texan born and raised, it is a word I use a lot. Not only is this “southern slang”, it is firmly embedded into my everyday vocabulary. And everywhere I go, it’s a dead giveaway that I’m from the south. But hey, Texas pride all the way, y’all.



The people in Texas are just so freaking nice. Be it a “Howdy” when walking down the street or a sweet smile when passing someone in the grocery store, the people of Texas are generally so friendly and polite. The men always open the doors for women (talk about southern hospitality right there yea yea) and saying hello to a perfect stranger when out and about is quite normal. I love that about Texas.




They might not smell as good as roses, it might be illegal to pick them from the highway, and it might be so cliché that I’m writing about bluebonnets, our state flower. But when you pass them growing on the side of the road or in a big field, you can’t help but admire them. It’s so hard to resist. The blue and white colors are gorgeous and scream beauty.

Well, those are five more reason why I love Texas oh so much. Hope y’all enjoy and maybe appreciate Texas a little bit more. Hope y’all have a wonderful day! Xx.


P.S. What is your favorite thing about Texas? Or the state you live in, for that matter? I’d love to hear. Comment below!


4 thoughts on “10 Things to Love About Texas, the grand finale

  1. Our favorite thing about TX is our family (Brinkley, Davis, Susan and John Field)!!!
    Of course our home state of Virginia is a great state too, and we are proud to share it with Texans.
    Babop & Nanny

  2. Texas Music! Robert Earl Keene, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Pat Greene, Willie Nelson. The list goes on forever and the party never ends. That’s what I love about Texas.

  3. Nanny and Babop, I love all those things! And I’m thankful you allow us to come on your Virginia territory 🙂

    Sonya: Texas Music rocks, especially living in Austin I am so lucky to be surrounded by it!

    DT: HI HI HI HIIIII!! Hope you’re having an awesome summer. Miss ya!

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