It seems quite ironic that I am writing a blog about sunglasses when today in Austin it is rainy and overcast. Quite the anomaly considering it’s summer and the sun normally shining brightly all day. However, it’s quite nice to have a break from the heat. And I for one love the rain.

But never mind the weather, I must talk about one of my favorite things: sunglasses, aka sunnies, sun-specs, or shades. Whatever you call them, I love it. I practically live in them during the summertime. Be it at a soccer camp coaching, the lake, or just jaunting around town, you’ll see me in my Ray-Bans.

To my next point, Ray-Bans are fantastic. Classic. Iconic. Timeless. I mean, ask your parents if they had Ray-Bans as a kid (and probably are still wearing the brand to this day) and 9 times out of 10 they’ll say yes. They were great then and they are even better now.

I have two pairs that are essential to the classic look: wayfarers and aviators. You can’t go wrong with either one.


For my wayfarers, I have the classic turtle shell with the green lens. I have had those since sophomore  year of high school and am surprised good of shape they have stayed in. I can put them with any outfit and they’ll go perfectly. Oh, and please note, my brother and I bought same new wayfarers at the same time so we seem to match sometime…but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants and our heart was being called by the same sunglasses. As seen in the picture below…

ImageThis was me and my brother during Spring Break in San Diego!

ImageNext up, my aviators. These were my most recent purchase and boy am I happy with them. Not your typical aviators with the green lenses and gold rims, these are a bit of a twist on the classic. Ray-Ban just recently came out with the rimless aviators and I find them perfect. They are very lightweight and just like the wayfarers, provide the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Now I am pretty biased towards Ray-Bans, because, like I said, I find them fantastic. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my eye on some other sunnies that I might just need one day…! For example, these Tory Burch cat eyes are just too much fun. And these Kate Spade sunnies with the camel tortoise frames are a wonderful twist to the classic tortoise shell.

Now go put those fashionable sunglasses on and strut around like the moviestar that lives inside of you. For we all know that all the superstars where sunglasses everywhere…even indoors which seem a bit weird to me, but oh well! Work it! Xx.



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