Dark Chocolate Haystacks


4 ingredients. Chinese noodles, 12 ounces of salted peanuts, 1 package of butterscotch chips, and 1 package of dark chocolate chips. That’s all this recipe takes make 50 or so of these chocolate haystack cookies. These are one of Babop’s favorite things to make so I always make sure to make enough time to make a batch of these delicious treats!

These dark chocolate haystacks are so simple to make and can be made in no time. All you have to do is combine the peanuts and Chinese noodles in big bowl. In a double boiler, melt the butterscotch and dark chocolate boiler. (Tip: the butterscotch takes longer to melt so put those chips in first for a bit and then add the dark chocolate.) Once completely melted, add the hot mixture to the Chinese noodles and peanuts. Mix thoroughly so everything is fully coated with the chocolate mixture.

Next thing you have to do is just scoop them out onto a cookie sheet and let the haystacks harden to your liking! Babop uses a small ice cream scoop to scoop the treats on the cookie sheet and make them about the same size.

These dark chocolate haystacks are so easy to make and so hard to resist. Ask anyone is my family…I make them and then they are almost gone by the next day!

Enjoy! Xx.



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