Cupcake Showdown


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It was a cupcake showdown today in DC: Georgetown Cupcakes vs. Sprinkles. This could get intense.

I love cupcakes. Ever since I had my first red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles when it first opened in 2009, I’ve been hooked on the cupcake fad that has seemed to take over America. Cupcake bakeries are popping up everywhere.

Sprinkles claims to be the first cupcake bakery in the states and opened up in Beverly Hills and has since opened bakeries around the country. Now, Georgetown Cupcakes became famous because of the television show “DC Cupcakes” that premiered on TLC in 2010 that follows the lives of the two sisters who own the bakery and the craziness that goes on behind the colorful counter of cupcakes.

After a long, fun day of going to the Smithsonian Museums, we made our way over to the cupcakeries in Georgetown.

We went to Georgetown Cupcakes first. We got vanilla&chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla birthday cake. The cakes were light and fluffy and each has a huge glob of icing on top. Can you say yummy? And on top of it all, the cupcakes were so cute. Instead of circle fondant shapes like Sprinkles, they had cute fondant flowers, hearts, and other fun shapes.

We then made our way down the street and got some cupcakes to go from Sprinkles so we could eat them after dinner. From Sprinkles, we got vanilla, salted caramel, orange, and red velvet. Sprinkles cupcakes are much bigger than Georgetown Cupcakes and the cake is denser. The icing is also much richer and there sure is lots of it on the cake.

My verdict: Sprinkles all the way. Georgetown Cupcakes were delicious; I won’t deny it. But Sprinkles Cupcakes just have that special place in my heart that other cupcakes can’t overcome. Sprinkles Cupcakes are well…posh. I feel like Sprinkles Cupcakes are little celebrities that originally came from Beverly Hills and are now showing their cupcake diva-ness all over the good ol’ USA.

But Georgetown Cupcakes do have a little something that Sprinkles does not: a pink crystal bedazzled KitchenAid Mixer displayed among all the pink delivery boxes in the shop. I dream one day of owning that mixer in my own bakery one day. I love it. Love, love, love it.
Here’s a picture of this beautiful kitchen appliance:


Overall, cupcakes are amazing and both cupcakeries were fabulous but Sprinkles won this time.

Until the next cupcake showoff…



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