Travel Necessities

It’s currently 4:56 in the morning and my family and I are at the airport awaiting our flight to Virginia to visit our grandparents.

Not only is it extremely early and I’m basically half asleep, my brother is currently talking my ear off with nonsense. He gets chatty in the morning, apparently. Right now he’s telling me how he wishes Taco Bell was open so he could get a five-layer burrito. Please remember it’s 5 o’clock in the morning. A five-layer burrito doesn’t necessarily scream breakfast but….it’s a teenage boy we’re talking about. They’ll eat anything you put in front of them.

When traveling, I find myself bringing certain things each and every time that I find so necessary to a good trip.

Beats Orange 1 Beats Orange 2

First, my orange Dr. Dre Studio Beats. A good pair of headphones are key. They block out all the noise and are so incredibly comfortable. My brother has the same pair in black and after falling in love with them and always stealing them from him when I’d go places, he got me a pair for my birthday this past year. I’m in love! I don’t go anywhere without them.

Longchamp Le Pliage Navy

Secondly, a good travel purse and carryon that you can easily tote around the airport is a must. For my purse, I purchased a Longchamp in Paris and am obsessed with it. I got the Le Pliage type bag and you can get it for a $145 at Nordstrom! Mine is navy blue and can easily go over my shoulder with the long straps. It’s very durable and is made of nylon so it can stand the rain if it gets wet!

Folkloric Vera Bradley

For a carryon, I have my Vera Bradley large duffle in Folkloric. This bag is so colorful and can fit so much. And not to mention, the fun patterns add some jazz to your outfit and is much more fun than a boring single colored bag.

Finally, I need my iPhone and my iPad. My iPhone has all of my music and therefore, my overall happiness when on the plane. Without music, I think I might go insane on the plane. I bring my iPad along instead of my laptop because its the perfect size and allows me to access the Internet on a larger screen than my iPhone. I can also watch Netflix on it and it doesn’t drain my iPhone battery! That’s always a plus.

I hope this things make your traveling experience a little bit more pleasant. What do you never leave the house without when you go on a trip? Xx.

Happy traveling!



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