Lick: Honest Ice Creams. Located on down the way on South Lamar, this ice cream shop is my new favorite place in Austin. With the heat that accompanies Texas summers, ice cream provides the perfect cool down after some time in the sun. And Lick is by far my number one choice for the best ice cream in town.

Lick’s has some outrageous flavors such as Hill Country Honey & Vanilla Bean, Cilantro Lime, Sweet Cream with Strawberries, Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint, and Honeyed Peach with Rosemary. All of them are will tingle your tastebuds with happiness. And don’t be afraid to ask to sample tons of the flavors…everyone behind the counter is super nice and totally understanding and realize that what type of ice you choose is a big decision!

I opted for Mexican Marigold & Blueberry Swirl and Fresh Mint & Chocolate Chunk in a waffle cone and Julie, my teammate, went for Hill Country Honey & Vanilla Bean and Milk Chocolate. Both proved to be killer combinations.

With the unique flavors, quirky atmosphere, and friendly service, this place screams Austin and is definitely a place you’ll find me during the summer. You scream, I scream, we all scream for Lick Ice Cream! Xx.

With much love and lots of ice cream,


P.S. Julie and I then went on to ride home in her convertible with the top down, music up, and savoring every bit of our ice cream. Perfection at its finest!


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