Shoutout Sunday: SONYA RENÉE












Let’s talk about how much I love Sonya Renée earrings. Oh my goodness, I’m obsessed…as you can tell from my crazy amount of her earrings. And yes, I do have the same pair of earrings in three different colors…guilty. But they’re so cute that I couldn’t resist! Sonya Renée jewelry is a Dallas-based jewelry line that is simple yet elegant. She creates timeless pieces that you can instantly incorporate into your everyday jewelry routine. She creates countless pieces from precious stones and can tailor the earrings to your exact desires! For example, the light blue teardrop earrings were made especially for me at my request. I chose the color and shape and voilà-my new favorite pair of earrings! I think that’s pretty awesome. Also, Sonya Renée sells tons of necklaces, rings, and bracelets as well. All of which are right on trend with today’s fashion, yay! You can’t go wrong with any of their pieces. I just love Sonya Renée and I know you will too if you check out their website: You can purchase her pieces online and instantly be the talk of the town with your new accessories!

For all of these reasons, Sonya Renée definitely deserves my first shoutout title for shoutout sunday! Her stuff is simply amazing. Xx.

With much love,



3 thoughts on “Shoutout Sunday: SONYA RENÉE

  1. Brinks,
    Due to the fact that I am a shop-o-holic like your beautiful Mother, I must have these earrings. Keep up the good work! Love you tons! Sonya Daree’ (yes, that is really my middle name).

    • Thank you so much, Sonya!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog so far…it sure is fun! And yes, all of Sonya Renée’s earrings are to die for! You absolutely deserve a pair considering they’re named after you 🙂 love ya too!

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