That’s A Wrap: Texas Soccer Camps 2013


That’s a wrap to Texas Soccer’s first day camp of the summer! I think I’m going to need a couple of days to recover. Not only have I lost my voice but I also have bruises all over my body from getting pelted with soccer balls by the boys in my group. But hey, it’s all part of the game and I would not trade it for anything. It sure is a fun way to spend my summer…especially because my teammates help coach at the camp as well so we all have some funny stories at the end of the week!

These 5 and 6 year olds have more energy that I can imagine. And they love to scream, I think my ears are still ringing. But all my campers sure do make me laugh. I couldn’t help but write down some of the funny things they said and share them with y’all:

“Coach B, can I kick you in the face with this ball?” -camper

“Uhm, you’re kidding me, right? No way. Sorry bud.” -me

“Arghhhhh why not?!?!” -camper

**camper runs away because he can’t kick me in the face**


“Hey hey hey, look at this.” -camper

**proceeds to dump his entire water bottle all over his head/body and is dripping with water**

“What are you going to do? You have no more water left! Uh-oh!” -me

“I can just lick myself when I’m thirsty. I’m a walking water bottle.” -camper


“Brinkley, that boy punched me.” -camper

“Oh no! I’m sure it was an accident. You’ll be okay though!” -me

“No, I won’t be okay. I’m going to go give him the biggest wedgie ever!” -camper

**camper sprints off towards the boy and I run after her trying to prevent the inevitable**

As you can tell, my little campers sure did have big personalities! I loved all my little divas though and sure hope they come back next summer! While more playing and messing around was done than actual soccer, it sure was a fun-filled, exciting, exhausting, and crazy week. Hook ‘Em Horns! Xx.

With much love,


P.S. Happy first day of summer! And don’t forget that it’s also National Wear Your Lilly (Pulitzer) Day! So pull out that cute dress you’ve been wanting to wear and celebrate one of the most iconic, preppy, and classic designers out there! Enjoy!


One thought on “That’s A Wrap: Texas Soccer Camps 2013

  1. Good to read all about you Brinkley (aka Brinks)! This is quite an epistle about our sweet granddaughter, and we are so happy for you!
    Looking forward to your visit soon. Time for old folks like us to go to bed!!!

    Love ya…………Babop and Nanny

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